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You should never have to pay big money for good design.

Officially, UGLI Studios has been making your ideas look good since 1995. But the act has been practiced by UGLIpaul (AKA Paul McNeilly) his entire life. Either developing it from a rough idea, or creating it from scratch, and then putting on the finishing touches. 


Paul McNeilly

I’ve always liked to draw.

People usually told me I was good at it; friends, family, teachers, colleagues, even strangers. So that’s what I did, whenever I got the chance. I wasn’t really “drawn” to the fine arts. Portraits, clay pots, flowers, no-no-no. For me, it was cartoons, branding, and graphic elements. Now don’t misunderstand me, Bob Ross is my hero, I just didn't have it in me to peruse the finer side of art.

Over the years, my work experiences have included printing shirts, embroidery, cutting vinyl, and eventually starting my own business. Since 1995, UGLI Studios has been my ship to steer with a crew of three: me, myself & I. Two of us have enjoyed every moment, but that third guy.... well, anyway, I usually found myself as the man behind the curtain. Preparing production pieces & files for other business, or creating custom work for their clients. Because of this, I feel, has made me a better designer for the industry I work in, and the clients I serve.


Feedback is a gift.

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Fax: 425-988-7519

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